Emily Nicole Watkins


You can call me "Em"!

I’m the artist behind Emily Nicole Photo and feel so blessed that I get to do this gig for a living. 

A little bit about me, 

I'm all about the outdoors, antique family herlooms (like my wedding ring), and I'm always down for a nice hot tea and I'm the proud dog mom to two spunky miniature schnauzers (I am slighly obsessed with them).

I LOVE PEOPLE! Photography is great, but it is the people in the pictures that get me excited. I am an extrovert and get fueled up by being around others! My ideal evening is around the table with friends surrounded by good food & conversation. 

I believe that marriage is one of God’s greatest, toughest, and sweetest gifts. I met my husband, Talon, during a college campus ministry. Needless to say, we fell fast and we fell hard. We married on August 8, 2015!! We are goofy, have ridiculous inside jokes, and can usually be found binge watching The Office, Friends, or HIMYM. He is my best friend and he pushes me to be better every single day.

I wouldn't be here today without the saving grace of Jesus. I believe in being intentional and loving others. 

As a wedding photographer it's my job to love weddings....

But getting married myself has given me a greater understanding and appreciation for weddings. Because I know how deeply I cherish my wedding portraits and how just looking back through them can brighten my day. I feel like this has created a stronger love and passion for my work than ever before. I know what it's was like to be in my clients shoes, I know what it's like to be the bride.

Emily Nicole Watkins

OKC Wedding Photographer // North Texas Wedding Photographer 

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